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KREZ - "This product line is amazing! Clean ingredients - And you can't beat the benefits of goats milk, essential oils and coconut oil!"

ANONYMOUS - "Love, love, love the body butter! It is super thick and not sticky. At the end of the night my legs are still smooth from putting it on at 530am!!"

TARA - "New name for the body butter: Magical Hand Cream - Seriously, magic!"

HOLLY - "I just showered and used my raspberry body butter and OH MY GOD. It smells and feels so good. Valerie is doing witchcraft over there!"

Jennifer - "Your Zero Body Butter has worked so well for my daughter! It is the only thing she doesn't complain to apply!"

Priscilla - "Our little girl absolutely LOVED your body butter and it helped SO MUCH with her skin dryness!!"

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The Story of Ambivalent Apothecary

Self care embodies so much more than just eating right and exercising; it embodies taking care of yourself inside AND out. My products are made with love and a desire to help you nourish your skin while also being able to relax from life’s many stressors. 

9 years ago, I started dabbling in soap making, scrubs, and body butters. I wanted to create something different, something special for my family and friends. Over time my artistic abilities and ideas evolved and expanded, and my desire to create products that bring people JOY and products that allow them to prioritize themselves has deepened.

Thank you so much for choosing my small business and for giving me the opportunity to serve you and to bring you joy!

-Valerie Hill, creator & owner